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The Brilliance of Tanjiro’s Final Form

*SPOILERS FOR THE END OF DEMON SLAYER AHEAD* Demon Slayer is one of modern shonen anime’s most popular titles, thanks in part to the stellar animation. Demon Slayer’s studio, Ufotable, has been flexing on everybody with the animation, delivering movie-quality scenes in a weekly series. However, this isn’t a knock on the story. While simple, […]

The Night Train

John collapsed into the subway seat. He’d found few benefits of the graveyard shift, but the empty subway car sat at the top. It didn’t smell better, but there was some amount of peace and solace in those hours that bridged night and day. Usually, he’d get onto his stop in the dark – or […]

He Who Flees

The man fled, and I followed. I wasn’t hurried. I have hunted this man for centuries, so I savor the moment. He will not escape, not anymore. I have finally caught up with him. I see in the dark as easily as when it is day, though I still appreciate the eerie beauty only visible […]